The name MAY||DAY was established, not because of a love or obsession with planes (which, in fact I know NOTHING about), but simply because of the fact that my birthday is on the 15th day of May. Although it coincidentally makes one word, it is actually two, hence the dividing bars. I originally came up with the idea of making it a brand in order to express myself, creatively and positively. After a while, I chose to play off of the coincidental word and go with an aviation theme; This theme represents elevation and achieving great obstacles in your life. That is when I realized that MAY||DAY is not just a brand, but a call of distress to live a lifestyle that encourages growth and the freedom of expressing yourself in a positive way by doing something that you truly love to do. Doing this creates a chain reaction, which inspires yourself and others around you to be happier and better than you were the day before. The motto of MAY||DAY is "Proceed to Progress", which means that no matter what obstacles or battles you face, you WILL overcome them as long as you keep moving forward.